Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought



Abier Bushnaq / Cora Josting
Arabic  English  German

Sadiq my dearest

Eman Chaker al-Azm – Syria / Germany
           Arabic  German

Recollection along my Father’s Journey

Ivan al-Azm – Syria / USA
           Arabic   English 

Sadiq’s work & its significance in Europe

Werner Ende - Germany
           German  Arabic 

Sadiq and the Ibn Rushd Fund

Nabil Bushnaq (Founder of the Ibn Rushd Fund) – Palestine/Germany
           German  Arabic 

Memorial Speech for Sadiq al-Azm

Carsten Wieland (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) - Germany
            English  Arabic

Sadiq’s texts – a comparison from Beirut to Berlin

Fadia Foda – Lebanon/Germany
           German   Arabic

Sadiq al-Azm and the Syrian revolution

Mohammed Chawich (Syrian Writers’ Association) - Syria / Germany
           German   Arabic