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Abier Bushnaq
Arabic  English  German

The bitter harvest of the Arab Spring - Transformation, the change of the elite and a new social
           Mobilization. From a Western perspective – A publication by Muriel Asseburg and
            Heiko Wimmen/Germany - Book Review

Hamid Fadlalla - Sudan / Germany / Fadia Foda - Lebanon / Germany
           Arabic German

Fatima Mernissi: The liberation from Western patriarchy

Mamdouh Farrag an-Nabi - Egypt

The fight against the book Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler is still going on

Hakam Abdel-Hadi - Palestine / Germany

Hassan at-Turabi and the journey from bravery to misery

Mohamed Mahmoud - Sudan

"The absence of the individual in Arab culture – the unmentioned paradox when
           calling for democracy in the Arab world"

Adel Mtimet - Tunisia
           Arabic  German

Controversy over national identity, religion and secularism in a democratic state

Habib Haddad - Syria

The creator and his reader - Eulogy on the Iraqi writer and poet Sabri Hashim
           (died 11 April

Hamid Fadlalla - Sudan / Germany