Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought

Index of all Minbar Issues

21th issue, spring  2018

  • Sadiq my dearest by Eman Chaker al-Azm
  • Recollection along my Father’s Journey by Ivan al-Azm
  • Sadiq’s work & its significance in Europe by Werner Ende
  • Sadiq and the Ibn Rushd Fund by Nabil Bushnaq (Founder of the Ibn Rushd Fund)
  • Memorial Speech for Sadiq Al-Azm by Carsten Wieland (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Sadiq’s texts – a comparison from Beirut to Berlin by Fadia Foda
  • Sadiq al-Azm and the Syrian revolution by Mohammed Chawich (Syrian Writers’ Association)

20th issue, autumn 2016

  • The bitter harvest of the Arab Spring - Transformation, the change of the elite and a new social Mobilization. From a Western perspective – A publication by Muriel Asseburg and Heiko Wimmen/Germany - Book Review by Hamid Fadlalla and Fadia Foda
  • Fatima Mernissi: The liberation from Western patriarchy by Mamdouh Farrag an-Nabi
  • The fight against the book Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler is still going on by Hakam Abdel-Hadi
  • Hassan at-Turabi and the journey from bravery to misery by Mohamed Mahmoud
  • The absence of the individual in Arab culture – the unmentioned paradox when calling for democracy in the Arab world by Adel Mtimet
  • Controversy over national identity, religion and secularism in a democratic state by Habib Haddad
  • The creator and his reader - Eulogy on the Iraqi writer and poet Sabri Hashim (died 11 April 2016) by Hamid Fadlalla

19th issue, spring 2016

  • The body of the other (towards a post-Islamic subjectivity) by Rachid Boutayeb
  • Women’s Writing by Muhammad Baqi Muhammad
  • The cultural phenomena of "archives and power": “Who writes history? Who makes history?” About a discussion at the conference "The oral tradition in times of change: gender, documentation and the construction of the archive", September 27, 2015 in Cairo by Faiha Abdulhadi
  • The Arab societies in confrontation with fundamentalism and Salafi currents by Habib Haddad
  • Book Review "The end of the Middle East, as we know it" by Volker Perthes by Hamid Fadlalla
  • Book Review "The Arab World in the 20th century: optimism – radical chance - perspectives" by Prof. Udo Steinbach by Hamid Fadlalla
  • A Selection of translated poems from "Instructions within" by the in Saudi Arabia detained Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh

18th issue, winter 2015/2016

  • Arab Prison Literature by Radwa Ashour
  • Experience with writing - Afterword to the autobiography "Dreams of freedom" by Aisha Odeh
  • The slow death of Muhammad Lghalu "- translated excerpt from the autobiography" Tazmamart: az-Zinzana raqam 10 (Tazmamart, cellule no. 10) by Ahmed Marzouki
  • Excerpt from the novel "al-Qawqa'a. Yawmiyyat mutalassis "(The Shell. Memoirs of a Hidden Observer) by Mustafa Khalifa on website "other stories" translated by Elisabeth Jaquette
  • The philosophy of nonviolent resistance of Henry David Thoreau as example by Hassan Kamel Ibrahim
  • Book Review: Insights in the book "The prophethood of Mohamed: History and construction: an access towards a critical reading" by Mohamed Mahmoud by Kadhim Habib
  • Book Review: Sowing the Wind – harvesting the storm - The failure of Western policy in the Middle East - Review of the book "Sowing the Wind. The Effect of Western Policy in the Middle East" by Michael Lüders by Hamid Fadlalla

17th issue, summer 2015

  • The founding myths of the discourse of extremism - Sheikh Muhammad Habash’s Saturday speech and his answers of the questions addressed to him by the audience by Muhammad Habash
  • Cultural interaction between the Muslim world and the West - Ibn Rushd’s criticism of Galen in his medical encyclopedia al-Kulliyāt fī al-ṭibb (General Rules of Medicine) by Hassan Kamel Ibrahim
  • Averroes, the philosopher of enlightenment by Ali Khalil Hamad
  • Let us do justice to our history and set things right by Malak Talal
  • The logic of Empires - American as example by Mohammed Baqi Mohammed
  • The crisis of the Arab mind ... and the failure of projects of enlightenment by Habib Haddad
  • The spirit of modernity – Book review "The impossible state: Islam, politics and the crisis of morality in modernity" by Wael Hallaq - by Rachid Boutayeb
  • The literature of dialogue - Book review "The prophethood of Mohamed: History and construction: an access towards a critical reading" by Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud - by Hamid Fadlalla

16th issue, winter 2014/2015

  • Democracy in the Arab World. What chances does it have? by Jörg Armbruster
  • Navid Kermani’s Speech before the German Bundestag on the 65th anniversary of the Basic Law by Navid Kermani
  • A culture of tolerance, the tolerance of ambiguity by Rachid Boutayeb
  • Masculinity and femininity: Debate on similarities and differences between Existential philosophy and political philosophy in Averroes‘ thought by Mohamed Mesbahi - Morocco
  • Ibn Rushd's (Averroes)' views on women. Ibn Rushd’s work and Influences by Nadia Harbash
  • The attempt at a modern interpretation of the Qur'an by Abdelhakim al-Adjhar
  • The Arab woman and the Arab culture by Faiha Abdelhadi
  • Razan Zaitouneh - "A Syrian patriot". Out of the frying pan and into the fire. A Syrian tragedy by Abdalla Hanna
  • Poets never die - In memory of the Palestinian poet Samih al-Qasim by Hamid Fadlalla
  • Encounters, reflexions by Hamid Fadlalla

15th issue, spring 2014

  • Darwin‘s Theaory of Evolution: Dusty hypothesis or luminous reality by Habib Abd ar-Rabb Sururi
  • Palestinian Literature after Oslo: A testimony by Ahmad Harb
  • Power and the mentality of exploitation by Ahmad al-Barqawi
  • The Moroccan youth between the individual and the collective I by Abu Azm Salah ad-Din
  • The Arab Uprizing by Volker Perthes
  • The Excluded: The end of the dream of a just society by Heinz Bude
  • Review „Democratization Sudan“ (book by Haidar Ibrahim Ali) by Hamid Fadlalla

14th issue, summer 2013

  • Arab education: A Western super-structure with a sub-structure from the dark ages by Habib Abd ar-Rabb Sururi
  • The role of women as philosophers in the history of Western philosophy by Muhammad Julub al-Farhan
  • The historical novel: Imitation or overcoming reality on the example of the trilogy of Naguib Mahfouz by Mamduh Farrag an-Nabi
  • Sudan/South-Sudan-Conference by Hamid Fadlalla
  • The Arab spring and political Islam by Sadiq Jalal al-Azm – Syria
  • ‘Abd al-Raḥman al-Kawākibī: An enlightenment more than ever important in our dark present by Salam Kawakibi
  • The Ibn Rushd Fund school magazine competition (pilot project Palestine)
  • The school magazine competition (Report) by Nabil Bushnaq
    • Members of the Jury
    • The four competing school magazines
      • Al-Ghusn
      • Al-Fikr al-hurr
      • Nabd al-ibda'
      • Nabd al-qalam
    • Evaluation of the Jury by Fadia Foda
    • The Ibn Rushd Pize for School Journalism
    • Fotos

13th issue, spring 2013

  • Ignition of the self - a Bouazizi-tsunami by Khaled Saifi
  • What is the difference between a secular state and a civil state? by Habib Abd al-Rabb Sururi
  • The solution is that the people take over government? by Sobhi Ghandour
  • Interview with Sami Kilani ’The symbol of resistance is not the bullet!'by Sami Kilani
  • State and Revolution by Amr Shobaki
  • An Arab view of the Tunisian Revolution by Abdallah Tourkmani
  • The spirit is out of the bottle by Hakam Abdel-Hadi
  • Utopia Choir - “The people demand the life of the square” by Faiha Abdulhadi
  • Hosni Mubarak's speech to the Egyptian people – poem by Ahmad Fuad Najm

12th issue, winter 2011/2012

  • Secular State and the Problem of Religion: Turkey as Example by Sadiq Jalal al-Azm
  • Mohamed Abed al-Jabri: Analyzing Cultural Heritage for the Sake of Modernism by Ghassan Ali Osman
  • Interview with Abdalla an-Naim: „It is not Possible to Keep Religion Totally out of our Life“ and „It is not Possible to Repeat Mohamed’s Prophet State“ by Abdalla an-Naim
  • On the Death of great Ayatollah Muhammad Husain Fadlallah - "Religion is to Serve the Human Being" by Stefan Rosiny
  • Nasr Hamdi Abu Zaid: the Person, the Scholar by Abdalla Al Tawiyya
  • Al-Andalus, the golden Dream by Georg Bossong
  • Regression and Progress in Developing Countries (among them the Arab World): Reasons and Consequences by Muhammad Ahmad az-Zoebi
  • Is it Allowed to Tell Lies about the Truth in Politics by Mohamed Mesbahi
  • Early Photography in Palesatine by Issam Nassar
  • The Wall by Hamid Fadlalla 

11th issue, winter 2010/2011

  • Socialize or Emigrate – Arab-Islamic Migrants are part of the Problem of Discrimination and Isolation by Ghassan Ibrahim
  • The Crisis of Integration Process of Muslims and Arabs in Germany by Hamid Fadlalla
  • The Command of Tolerance in Democratic Immigration Society - Integration and Leading Culture by Gari Pavkovic
  • Ibn Rushd, Martin Luther and "Dialogue of Modernity" by Khaled Hroub
  • Truth and Islamic Law in Ibn Rushd’s Thought by Ahmad Barqawi
  • The International Right to Philosophize by Zouhair al-Khouildi
  • The Trio: Democracy, Liberation and Identity by Subhi Ghandur
  • The Issue of Reason and Revelation by Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid
  • Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid: The Text of the Koran Implies More Interpretations than our Limited Understanding Can Think of by Mohamed Amine Souidi
  • The Problem of NGOs in the Arab World by Abdallah Tourkmani
  • Death in Arab Culture by Hazem Khairy
  • Short Story: The Foreigner by Hamid Fadlalla

10th issue, summer 2010

  • Methodical Introduction into the Study of Arab-Islamic Thought in the Middle Ages by Muhammad Ahmad az-Zoebi
  • Why Scientific Thinking has Failed in Modern Arab Thought by Abd ar-Razzaq Id
  • Progressive Thought in Contemporary Islam – A Critical Approach by Christian W. Troll
  • The Arab Critical Discourse - Between the Heritage Integration and the Horizon of Interpretation by Khalid Slaiki
  • Igniting the Arab Scientific Revolution by Edgar Choueiri
  • Secularization of Arab Thought: Towards Dividing Logic and Religion by Sonia Hegasy
  • Statement by Nabil Bushnaq, Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Ibn Rushd Fund in Commemoration of the Death of al-Mohammed Abed al-Jabri at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (30.06.2010) by Nabil Bushnaq
  • Is Capitalism the End of History? On Occasion of Awarding the Economist Prof. Dr. Samir Amin the Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought in Berlin by Kadhim Habib
  • Edwad Said: Boundless Humanism by Hazim Khairy
  • Edward Said: The intellectual Cosmopolitan and his multidimensional Character by Abdallah Tourkmani
  • The East in German Literature of the 19th Century – The Tragedy of “Almansour” as Example by Sarjoun Karam
  • An Appreciation of Heinrich Heine’s Drama „Almansor“ by Tawfiq Dawani

9th issue, autumn 2006

  • Muslims/Arabs and the Crisis of Integration into German Society
    by Hamid Fadlalla 
  • The Problem of Migration and the The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
    by Abdallah Turkmani 
  • The Arab World and Technology by Peter Göpfrich
  • Ralph Ghadban: Tariq Ramadan und die Islamisierung Europas, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin 2006 (Book review) by  Hamid Fadlalla
  • Caricature dispute - Different Values, Integration of Muslims in the Christian Western World? by Hamid Fadlalla
  • The Animal Kingdom in the Koran by Peter-Anton von Arnim

8th issue, spring 2006

  • Guidelines for Rearranging Europe's Relationship to the Neighbouring Islamic Countries ("Diplomats for Peace with the Islamic World") by Jürgen Hellner, Heinz Knobbe, Peter Mende, Freimut Seidel, Arne C. Seifert, Heinz-Dieter Winter
  • Comments to the Diplomats' Working Paper "Guidelines for Rearranging Europe's Relationship to the Neighbouring Islamic Countries" by Hamid Fadlalla
  • Call for Papers on Democracy and Parliamentary Elections in the Arab World (Project for Democracy Studies in the Arab World) by Ali al-Kuwari
  • Mahmud Mohammed Taha, Martyr of an Attempt to Renew Islamic Thought in the Sudan by Taha Ibrahim
  • View on Arabism by Subhi Ghandur
  • Personal Freedom by Rabiha az-Zira
  • Methodological Introduction into the Study of Modern Arabic Social Thought by Muhammad Ahmad az-Zubi
  • Ibn Rushd's Weltanschauung by Mohamed Mesbahi
  • Goethe as Leading Figure of a German Islam? Epilogue of Katharina Mommsen's "Goethe und der Islam" by Peter-Anton von Arnim
  • The Sleepwalkers. Who are they and where are they going? by Khairy Douma

7th issue, autumn 2005

  • The Philosophic Dimensions of Political Aggressions in Morocco by Mohamed Mesbahi
  • The Fundaments of Modernism and Hindrances of Establishing it in the Arab World Today by Abdallah Turkmani
  • Enlightened Islam between Individualism and Pluralism by Tayyib Tisini
  • Victims of Torture and the Centre of Victims of Torture in Berlin by Hamid Fadlalla
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum - Heard Evidence by Khairy Douma
  • Meeting of Cultures by Durgham al-Dabak
  • Herbst, Herbsttag - Two Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke on Autum translated by Hakam Abdelhadi

6th issue, autumn 2004

  • Project for Democracy Studies in the Arab World (Oxford):
    • Opening Speech by Ali al Kuwari
    • Despotism: Instruments for Reproducing it and Possible Ways to Confront it by Tawfiq as-Saif
    • The Religeous Roots of Despotism: Despotism in the Idea of Religeous Guardianship (waliyy al-amr),
    • Islamic Justice of the Victors (fiqh al-ghalaba) and the Rule of Islamic Scholars (wilayat al-faqih) Today by Ali ad-Dabbagh
    • Renewal of Despotism in the Arab World: The Future Role of Secucracy by Haidar Ibrahim Haidar
    • Modern Arab Despotism: The Tunesian Experience as Example by Rafiq Abd as-Salam
    • The Hidden Side of Despotism and Power in the Nature of Arab Political Rule (Algeria) by Abu Zaid Bumdin
  • The Sudanese Conflict as Example for the Conflict between State and Culture: A Diploma by Osman Saeed by Hamid Fadlalla
  • Ibn Rushd (Averroes) and Medicine by Marwan S. Abualrub
  • This Reality is Terrible: Sonallah Ibrahim's Egypt Between Medial Self-Portrayal and Experienced Everyday Life by Andrea Haist

5th issue, summer 2004

  • Averroes (Ibn Rushd) - The Great Muslim Philosopher Who Planned the Seeds of the European Renaissance by Habeeb Salloum
  • Ibn Rushd : Why succeeded in Europe, failed in Arab Countries by Hakam Abdel-Hadi
  • Ibn Arabi and the Postmodernity by Mohamed Mesbahi
  • Self-Criticism by Balkis Hassan
  • Study of Postcolonial Literature: "Season of Migration to the North" by Khairi Douma
  • Sahar Khalifa in the German Press - Women against Occupation by Hakam Abdel-Hadi

4th issue, spring 2003

  • How to Confront Empire by Arundhati Roy
  • A Difficult Journey to Palestine by Hakam Abdel-Hadi
  • Evaluating Arabic Websites and Web Search Engines: Supply of Information in the Field of Media and Culture by Abier Bushnaq
  • Society for the Promotion of African, Asian and Latin American Literature: Translation Grants for Books by Arab Authors
  • When Will They Announce the Death of Arabs? A poem by Nizar Qabbani

3rd issue, winter 2002

  • Ibn Rushd's Contribution to the Improvement of Arab Women's Right by Dr. George Tamer
  • Moslems in Secular state: From Civil Rights to Social Commitment by Heiner Bielefeldt
  • New Secularism in the Arab World By Ghassan F. Abdullah
  • Criticism of Civilisation in the Arabic Literature of the nineteenth Century: Ahmad Faris ash-Shidyaq by Abier Bushnaq
  • Mahmoud Darwish on the Occasion of the 53rd Anniversary of the Nakba by Mahmoud Darwish
  • Geographies of the Self: Text and Space in Anton Shammas’s Arabesques by Christian Szyska
  • The Liberation of Women is the Liberation of Men by Balkis Hamid Hasan
  • This is the Colour of my Skin A Poem by Balkis Hamid Hasan
  • Enough for Me. A Poem by Fadwa Touqan

2nd issue, summer 2001

  • Human Rights in the Age of Globalization: An Arab Point of View by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fayek
  • Globalization and the Lack of a Common Arab Policy by Muhannad Ibrahim Abu Latifa
  • Globalization and the Fears of the Arab World by Prof. Dr. Kadhim A. Habib
  • al-Multaqa ath-Thaqafi al-Arabi in Berlin Presents Itself by Sa'id Alameddine
  • The Black Englishman on the Nile: With Tajjib Salich's "Season of Migration to the North" by Dr. Hans-Peter Kunisch
  • Abd ar-Rahman Munif: A View Through His Work by Bashar Humeid
  • Our Violent Society: A Personal Statement Retold by E. Yaghi
  • The Sons and Daughters of Liberty by Edna Yaghi
  • The Other One. A Short Story by Dr. Hamid Fadlalla

1rst issue, summer 2001

  • Thoughts on al-Hallaj by Annemarie Schimmel
  • Abul Alaa' al-Maarri's Doubts by M. Abul Fadl Badran
  • Al Jazeera Satellite Channel: The Earthquake and its Aftermath by Muftah al-Sherif
  • Taha Muhammad Ali - A Palestinian Poet from Galilea by Hakam Abdel-Hadi