Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought

The Diwan al-Falsafa,

a philosophical salon à l'arabe, provides all those interested an opportunity to discuss current topics relating to the Arab world. The language of each Diwan is predefined in the invite (German, Arabic, or English); contributions can however be made in Arabic and German and English and will be translated as best possible into the language of the respective diwan. The monthly meetings start with a 5-10 min. introduction to the predefined topic, followed by a moderated discussion amongst all participants, and end in an informal gathering.

Since its launch the following topics have been discussed in the Diwan: Unlimited Freedom of Speech? – Heimat: home&belonging – Alienness – Do social media foster freedom of speech? - Religion and Violence - Fundamentalism – Political Maturity – Utopia as a Necessity – Stateless nations: Problem or Chance? - Identity - Islam and the Civil Society - Post-Secularism – Modernism and Modernity - Humanistic Islam – Individualism & Islam - Integration