Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought

Awarding Ceremony Summary

Dear friends of freedom of thought in the Arab World and elsewhere:

We wish you a Happy New Year 2018. May the new year be less stormy, both concerning weather and politics, and may it bring health and happiness to you and your loved ones.

This coming year, the Ibn Rushd Fund will become 20 years old; we are thinking of celebrating and will notify you in due time on how and whereabouts.

The last year was packed with activities from lectures to philosophical diwans and other events big and small from the first month, and was completed on December 1 with the awarding ceremony to AMAN - Coalition for Coalition for Accountability and Integrity. 

Picture of awarding Ceremony

For all those among you who where unable to join us on the day, we have prepared videos of the talks and performances to watch and share with your friends.

To watch the full ceremony (partly in German, English and Arabic) please use the following YouTube-link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPke7QDQLxQ&list=PLJ33zdba7xYj3otBsl3UHIQx1Ar_Gv3WK

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The speech of the Ibn Rushd Fund:


In German: video and text: 

Opens internal link in current windowhttp://www.ibn-rushd.org/typo3/cms/de/awards/2017-coalition-for-accountability-and-integrity/speech-of-the-fund/


In Arabic: video and text: 



In English: text only 




Laudatory speech and overview on corruption in the Arab world by Kinda Hattar, Transparency International:


In German: PDF slides available in German:



In Arabic: PDF slides available in Arabic: 



In English: Video and PDF slides in English: 


Majdi Abu Zaid - AMAN


The speech of Majdi Abu Zaid, representing the prize winner AMAN, Coalition for Coalition for Accountability and Integrity:


In German: German text + video in Arabic: 



In Arabic: video and text: 



In English: English text +video in Arabic: 


Faten El Dabbas



Musical and Spoken Word Performances:

Spoken word by Faten El Dabbas

Zaina Dalla
George Saade
Gaitha Alshaar



Musical Interludes with Zaina Dalla, vocals; George Saade, percussion; Gaitha Alshaar, Oud.