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Erik Hillestad

Erik Hillestad, record producer, born 12.12.1951 in Oslo, is the leader of Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV Records), a music producer of recordings, initiator of cultural and musical projects and processes, and an author of a number of great song texts. Hillestad has received several awards for his work. He was the first producer in Norway to receive the Norwegian Grammy Award (1982). In the year 2000 KKV established a new concert venue in Oslo: Kulturkirken Jakob (“The Culture Church of St. Jakob”), the first church in Norway to become a permanent stage for experiments within performing and visual arts. Erik has over the last years concentrated his work as a record producer on the possibilities of music being a tool in working for peace, dialogue and human rights. Most obviously this has been visualized through projects like “Make me a channel of your peace” (2001), “Lullabies from the Axis of Evil” (2004), “Songs across Walls of Separation” (2008) and “A time to cry” (2010). He has through the last ten years produced a number of records with Middle East artists, among them Mahsa Vahdat from Iran and Rim Banna from Palestine. Hillestad has received the Norwegian Free Word award of honor for his works.