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Nouri Bouzid

Nouri Bouzid was born in 1945 in Sfax, the secon largest city in Tunisia. He studied cinema at the Institut National Superieur des Arts du Spectacle (INSAS) in Brussels from 1968 to 1972 and carried out his film of end of studies „Duel“ (27 Min.). Then he followed a training course in Paris in 1972 on „Rendez vous a Braye“, directed by Andre Delvaux. Bouzid also worked as assistant-director for Steven Spielberg, A. Ben Ammar, Max Pecas, David Hemmings, Philippe Clair, Pascal F. Campanile. When he went back to Tunesia, her worked for the Tunisian TV Channel RTT.

Nouri Bouzid was imprisoned from 1973 to 1979 for membership of the GEAST (Groupe d’Etudes et d’Action Socialiste Tunisien). After his release he worked again as assistant-director in several Tunisian and international film projects.

Filmography: Duel (short film, 1972) / L'homme de cendres (1986) / Les sabots en or (1989) / C'est Sheherazade qu'on assassine (short film as part of the film project "La guerre du golfe... et après?", 1991) / Bezness (1993) / Les mains dans le plat (Kurzfilm, 1993) / Bent Familia (1998) / Poupées d'argile (2002).

Bouzid has also made a name for himself as scriptwriter. He wrote the scripts for the Films "Halfaouine - l'enfant des terrasses" (Ferid Boughedir, 1990), "La nuit de la décennie" (Babaï Brahim, 1990), "Le sultan de la médina" (Moncef Dhouib, 1992), "Les silences du palais" (Moufida Tlatli, 1994), "La saison des hommes" (Moufida Tlatli, 2001).

Nouri Bouzid founded a school of Cinema in 1994, the EDAC, where he teaches until today. He has also taught film at the Faculty of Philosophy in Manuba and at the Film Institute in Qamart. In 1994 Nouri Bouzid made a conference on the scenario in Bordeaux entitled „Sources of Inspiration“.

Nouri Bouzid also writes vernacular poetry. Some collections were published (Sinners). Many film songs are his creations.

Nouri Bouzid has obtained the Presidential Prize of the Cinema in Tunisia in 1998.

In 1992 he was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in France.


  • 1979 Aziza – Regie: Abdellatif Ben Ammar.
  • 1979 Zitouna – Regie: Himida Ben Ammar.
  • 1980 Les aventuriers de l’arche perude – Regie: Steven Spielberg.
  • 1980 Le larron – Regie: P.F. Campanile.
  • 1981 Mieux vaut etre riche – Regie: Max Pecas.
  • 1983 Les anges – Regie: Ridha Behi.
  • 1984 The key to Rebecca – Regie: David Hemmings.
  • 1984 Par ou t’es rentre? – Regie: Philippe Clair.
  • 1984 Anno domini – Regie: Stuart Cooper.


  • 1989 La nuit de la décennie - Regie: Ibrahim Babay.
  • 1989 Halfaouine - l'enfant des terrasses - Regie: Férid Boughedir.
  • 1990 Le sultan de la médina - Regie: Moncef Dhouib
  • 1992 Les silences du palais - Regie: Moufida Tlatli
  • 1994 Passeport (No man’s land) - Palestine
  • 1997 La saison des hommes - Regie: Moufida Tlatli
  • 1999 Noces d’ete – Regie: Mokhtar Ladjimi (Adaptation).
  • 2000 Les 1002 Nuits (Le Retour de Shehrazade) - Regie: Moufida Tlatli
  • 2003 Les yeux de ma mere - Regie: Moufida Tlatli

Scriptwriter and Director:

  • 1986 L’homme de cendre (L.M.)
  • 1989 Les sabots en or (L.M.)
  • 1990 Et Shehrazade s’est tue par des paroles indicibles, part of the film La guerre du Golfe ..et apres (C.M)
  • 1992 Bezness (L.M.)
  • 1994 Les mains dans le plat (C.M)
  • 1997 Bent familia (L.M.)
  • 2001 Poupees d’argile (L.M.)
  • 2006 Making of/„Akhir film“

List of Prizes obtained:

L’homme de cendres
  • 1986 Official Competition in Festival of Cannes, France
  • 1986 Gold Charybde in Taormina in Italy
  • 1986 Prize of Arab Criticism in Cannes
  • 1986 Golden Tanit in JCC, Tunisia
  • 1986 Prize of interpretation in JCC
  • 1986 Silver Palaera in Valencia, Spain
  • 1986 Prize of Interpretation in Valencia
  • 1986 First Prize in Perugia, Italy
  • 1987 Prize of the League of the Human Rights, Tunisia
Sabots en or
  • 1989 Official Competition in Cannes
  • 1990 First Prize in Kouribgha, Morocco
Et Shehrazade s’est tue par des paroles indicibles
  • 1992 Official Competition in Venice, Italy
  • 1992 Official Competition in the Fifteen of the Directors, Cannes
  • 1992 Prize of Interpretation for Abdel Kechiche in Namur, France
  • 1992 Prize of Interprétation in Damas, Syria.
Bent familia
  • 1986 First Prize in Montpellier, France
  • 1986 First Prize of the Public in Montpellier
  • 1986 Prize of Interpretation for Amel Hedhili in Bastia, France
  • 1986 Prize of Interpretation for Amel Hedhili in Namur, France
  • 1986 Prize of Interpretation for Amel Hedhili in Damas, Syria
  • 1986 Prize of Interpretation for Amel Hedhili in JCC, Tunisia
  • 1986 Prize of Interpretation for Amel Hedhili in South Africa
  • 1986 First Prize & Prize of the Public in Montpellier
Poupees d’argile
  • 2002 Silver Tanit in JCC
  • 2002 Prize of male interpretation in JCC
  • 2002 Prize of male Interpretation in Namur
  • 2002 Prize of feminin Interpretation in Namur
  • 2003 Prize of the Public in Nantes
  • 2003 Second Prize in Milan
  • 2003 Ecumenical Prize in Switzerland
  • 2003 First Prize in Austria
  • 2003 Prize of Youth in Austria
  • 2004 Big Prize in the Khouribga Festival, Morocco
Making of/„Akhir Film“
2006: Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage : Carthage film festival (Tunisia)

Best film “Golden Tanit”
Best actor: Lotfi Abdelli
Best actress: Fatma Saidane

2007: Festival d’amour: Mons (Belgium)

Best actor: Lotfi Abdelli

FESPACO in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Prize of The COE (Ecumenical Prize) Best actor: Lotfi Abdelli

Tribeca Film Festival (New York)

Prize of Best Scenario Best Actor: Lotfi Abdelli

Taormina Film Festival (Italy)

Special prize „Tauro d’Oro“ Best Actor: Lotfi Abdelli

New Delhi International Film Festival (India)

Special prize of the jury Best actor: Lotfi Abdelli

Oran International Film Festival (Algeria)

Best movie prize: “Golden Hoggar”