Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought

2004 صنع الله إبراهيم

خُصصت الجائزة في الإعلان الرسمي لكاتب عربي معاصر أثرى بأعماله المميزة الأدب العربي الملتزم واستطاع من خلالها إيقاظ ضمير القارئ العربي وتفعيل وعيه النقدي وتحفيزه على التصدّي لمشكلات عصره والإسهام الفعّال في تشكيل محيطه.

Ibn Rushd Prize 2004

was announced to be awarded to
an arab author who has enriched modern engaged literature with outstanding writing by recognising the mood of the times he compels his Arab readers to have a critical look at the problems of their time, heightening their awareness and encouraging them to shape their environment actively.

Sonallah Ibrahim

CV Arabic German

Laudatory held by Dr. Ulrike Stehli-Werbeck Arabic German

CV (Dr. Ulrike Stehli-Werbeck) Arabic German

Speech of the Prize Winner Arabic German

Welcome Speech of the Fund Arabic German

CV (Jury) Arabic German English
Official Releases

Announcement to Prize Subject and Nomination Arabic German English

Press Release November, 6th 2004 Arabic German English

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