IBN RUSHD Fund for Freedom of Thought presents the IBN RUSHD Award 2000 to Mrs.

Issam Abdulhadi, a leading palestinean Womans rights activist.

Berlin, 10. Dezember 2000

Ms Paulin Aoun (advisory board) says in the laudatory speech: This Year, the prize is awarded to a person who has rendered outstanding services to women's rights in the Arab World. An independent jury, consisting of five prominent Arab intellectuals, chose the Palestinian women's rights activist Issam Abdulhadi to receive this year's award.

The jury members were: Hisham Sharabi, University Georgetown, Washington; Farida an-Naqqash, journalist and literary critic, Cairo; Ali Ahmed Attiga, secretary general of the Arab Thought Forum, Amman; Sahar Khalifa, author, Amman; Nabeeha Loutfy, director and film critic, Cairo.

Jury (English) . Laudatory Speech (Arabic) . Laudatory Speech German.

The hall of the House of Literature in Berlin was filled with representatives of the Arab Physicians' Union in Germany, German-Arab Society, German-Palestinian Society, German-Arab women organizations and German-Palestinian Women Society, Arab human rights organizations (ORAS) and German intellectuals and students. They came from all parts of Germany, from Hamburg, Hannover, Braunschweig, Bonn, Munich, Bamberg, Leipzig, Berlin and other German cities to attend the ceremony of the prize presentation. There were also representatives of German and Arab media and journalism, besides diplomats of Morocco, Sudan, Yemen and Palestine.

Mr. Nabil Bushnaq, Chairman of the IBN RUSHD Fund for Freedom of Thought, said in his welcome speech: "We have a dream, the dream to see freedom, equality and social justice prevail in the Arab countries which we belong to, to see the individual and not the ruler regarded as the essential core." The members of the IBN RUSHD Fund for Freedom of Thought believe that an atmosphere of freedom and frank dialogue is needed if we want to  succeed.

Ms Issam Abdulhadi is awarded the Ibn-Rushd Prize in recognition of her struggle for equal rights for Arab women. 

Ms Issam Abdulhadi who played an important role in resisting the Israeli occupation on several levels underlined the close relationship between national freedom and the freedom of the individual in society and especially of women.

„It is not possible to separate women's rights and equality to men from the Palestinian issue“.

She described the developement of the work of the General Union from participation of women in the field of organization and actual fighting for liberation to the appeal for women's civil and social rights to be fixed in the constitution of Palestine. The last being one of the difficult chalenges the General Union is facing new.

The audience was impressed by Mrs. Abdulhadi's clever remarks, elegant speech, directness, rational thinking and refined sense of humor. She, who is 73 of age, captivated and fascinated the audience.

Journalists had to stand line for interviews, among them representatives of the the German radio stations Deutsche Welle and Sender Freies Berlin, the Palestinian Radio and many German and Arab newspapers.

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