IBN RUSHD FORUM for Freedom of Thought
Minbar Ibn Rushd li-l-Fikr al-Hurr

                                    4th issue, spring 2003


Foreword  (Arabic/German
by Abier Bushnaq


1. How to Confront Empire (English/Arabic
by Arundhati Roy 

2. A Difficult Journey to Palestine (German/Arabic
by Hakam Abdel-Hadi 

3. Evaluating Arabic Websites and Web Search Engines: Supply of Information in the Field of Media and Culture (German
by Abier Bushnaq 

4. Society for the Promotion of African, Asian and Latin American Literature: Translation Grants for Books by Arab Authors (English

5. When Will They Announce the Death of Arabs? (Arabic)

A poem by Nizar Qabbani


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