IBN RUSHD FORUM for Freedom of Thought
Minbar Ibn Rushd li-l-Fikr al-Hurr

                                      3rd. issue, winter 2002


Foreword  (Arabic/German


1. Ibn Rushd's Contribution to the Improvement of Arab Women's Right (Arabic
by Dr. George Tamer 

2. Moslems in Secular state:  From Civil Rights to Social Commitment (Arabic
by Heiner Bielefeldt 

3. New Secularism in the Arab World (English)
By Ghassan F. Abdullah

4. Criticism of Civilisation in the Arabic Literature of the 19.th Century: 
Ahmad Faris ash-Shidyaq (German)
by Abier Bushnaq

5. Mahmoud Darwish on the Occasion of the 53th Anniversary of the Nakba (German/Arabic
by Mahmoud Darwish 

6. Geographies of the Self: Text and Space in Anton Shammas’s  Arabesques (English)
by Christian Szyska

7. The Liberation of Women is the Liberation of Men (Arabic)
by Balkis Hamid Hasan

8. This is the Colour of my Skin (Arabic)
A Poem by Balkis Hamid Hasan

9. Enough for Me (English)
A Poem by Fadwa Touqan 

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