IBN RUSHD FORUM for Freedom of Thought
Minbar Ibn Rushd li-l-Fikr al-Hurr

1rst issue, summer 2001
- Thoughts on al-Hallaj by Annemarie Schimmel 
- Abul Alaa' al-Maarri's Doubts by M. Abul Fadl Badran 
- Al Jazeera Satellite Channel: The Earthquake and its Aftermath by Muftah al-Sherif 
- Taha Muhammad Ali - A Palestinian Poet from Galilea by Hakam Abdel-Hadi 

2nd issue, summer 2001
- Human Rights in the Age of Globalization: An Arab Point of View by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fayek 
- Globalization and the Lack of a Common Arab Policy by Muhannad Ibrahim Abu Latifa 
- Globalization and the Fears of the Arab World by Prof. Dr. Kadhim A. Habib 
- al-Multaqa ath-Thaqafi al-Arabi in Berlin Presents Itself by Sa'id Alameddine 
- The Black Englishman on the Nile: With Tajjib Salich's "Season of Migration to the North" by Dr. Hans-Peter Kunisch 
- Abd ar-Rahman Munif: A View Through His Work by Bashar Humeid
- Our Violent Society: A Personal Statement Retold by E. Yaghi 
- The Sons and Daughters of Liberty by Edna Yaghi 
- The Other One. A Short Story by Dr. Hamid Fadlalla

3rd issue, winter 2002
- Ibn Rushd's Contribution to the Improvement of Arab Women's Right by Dr. George Tamer 
- Moslems in Secular state:  From Civil Rights to Social Commitment by Heiner Bielefeldt 
- New Secularism in the Arab World By Ghassan F. Abdullah
- Criticism of Civilisation in the Arabic Literature of the nineteenth Century: Ahmad Faris ash-Shidyaq by Abier Bushnaq
- Mahmoud Darwish on the Occasion of the 53rd Anniversary of the Nakba by Mahmoud Darwish 
- Geographies of the Self: Text and Space in Anton Shammas’s  Arabesques by Christian Szyska
- The Liberation of Women is the Liberation of Men by Balkis Hamid Hasan
- This is the Colour of my Skin A Poem by Balkis Hamid Hasan
- Enough for Me. A Poem by Fadwa Touqan 

 4th issue, spring 2003

- How to Confront Empire by Arundhati Roy
- A Difficult Journey to Palestine by Hakam Abdel-Hadi
- Evaluating Arabic Websites and Web Search Engines: Supply of Information in the Field of Media and Culture by Abier Bushnaq
- Society for the Promotion of African, Asian and Latin American Literature: Translation Grants for Books by Arab Authors 
- When Will They Announce the Death of Arabs? A poem by Nizar Qabbani
5th issue, summer 2004
- Averroes (Ibn Rushd) - The Great Muslim Philosopher Who Planned the Seeds of the European Renaissance by  Habeeb Salloum 
- Ibn Rushd : Why succeeded in Europe, failed in  Arab Countries by Hakam Abdel-Hadi 
- Ibn Arabi  and the Postmodernity by Mohamed Mesbahi 
- Self-Criticism by Balkis Hassan 
- Study of  Postcolonial Literature: "Season of Migration  to the North" by Khairi Douma 
- Sahar Khalifa in the German Press - Women against Occupation by Hakam Abdel-Hadi 

6th issue, autumn 2004
- Project for Democracy Studies in the Arab World (Oxford): 
      Opening Speech by  Ali al Kuwari 
      Despotism: Instruments for Reproducing it and Possible Ways to Confront it by Tawfiq as-Saif 
      The Religeous Roots of Despotism: Despotism in the Idea of Religeous Guardianship (waliyy al-amr), 
      Islamic Justice of the Victors (fiqh  al-ghalaba) and the Rule of Islamic Scholars (wilayat al-faqih) Today by Ali ad-Dabbagh 
      Renewal of Despotism in the Arab World: The Future Role of Secucracy by Haidar Ibrahim Haidar 
      Modern Arab Despotism: The Tunesian Experience as Example by Rafiq Abd as-Salam 
      The Hidden Side of Despotism and Power in the Nature of Arab Political Rule (Algeria) by Abu Zaid Bumdin 
- The Sudanese Conflict as Example for the Conflict between State and Culture: A Diploma by Osman Saeed by Hamid Fadlalla
- Ibn Rushd (Averroes) and Medicine by Marwan S. Abualrub 
- This Reality is Terrible: Sonallah Ibrahim's Egypt Between Medial Self-Portrayal and Experienced Everyday Life by Andrea Haist 

7th issue, autumn 2005
- The Philosophic Dimensions of Political Aggressions in Morocco by Mohamed Mesbahi
- The Fundaments of Modernism and Hindrances of Establishing it in the Arab World Today by Abdallah Turkmani 
- Enlightened Islam between Individualism and Pluralism by Tayyib Tisini 
- Victims of Torture and the Centre of Victims of Torture in Berlin by Hamid Fadlalla 
- Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum - Heard Evidence  by  Khairy Douma 
- Meeting of Cultures by Durgham al-Dabak
- Herbst, Herbsttag - Two Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke on Autum translated by Hakam Abdelhadi

8th issue, winter 2006
- Guidelines for Rearranging Europe's Relationship to the Neighbouring Islamic Countries ("Diplomats for Peace with the Islamic World")  by Jürgen Hellner, Heinz Knobbe, Peter Mende, Freimut Seidel, Arne C. Seifert, Heinz-Dieter Winter
- Comments to the Diplomats' Working Paper "Guidelines for Rearranging Europe's Relationship to the Neighbouring Islamic Countries"  by Hamid Fadlalla 
- Call for Papers on Democracy and Parliamentary Elections in the Arab World (Project for Democracy Studies in the Arab World)  by Ali al-Kuwari
- Mahmud Mohammed Taha, Martyr of an Attempt to Renew Islamic Thought in the Sudan By Taha Ibrahim 
- View on Arabism By Subhi Ghandur 
- Personal Freedom by Rabiha az-Zira
- Methodological Introduction into the Study of Modern Arabic Social Thought by Muhammad Ahmad az-Zubi
- Ibn Rushd's Weltanschauung by Mohamed Mesbahi
- Goethe as Leading Figure of a German Islam? Epilogue of Katharina Mommsen's "Goethe und der Islam"  by Peter-Anton von Arnim 
- The Sleepwalkers. Who are they and where are they going? by  Khairy Douma