IBN RUSHD FORUM for Freedom of Thought
Minbar Ibn Rushd li-l-Fikr al-Hurr

                                                1st. issue, autumn 2000

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Foreword  (Arabic/German
by M. Ali Hachicho 


1. Thoughts on al-Hallaj (German/Arabic
by Annemarie Schimmel 

2. Abul Alaa' al-Maarri's Doubts (Arabic
by M. Abul Fadl Badran 

3. Al Jazeera Satellite Channel: The Earthquake and its Aftermath (Arabic
by Muftah al-Sherif 

4. Taha Muhammad Ali - A Palestinian Poet from Galilea (Arabic/German
by Hakam Abdel-Hadi 

5. New: The al-Multaqa ath-thaqafi al-arabi in Berlin presents itself (Arabic)
by Sa'id Alameddine

6. New: Human Rights in the Age of Globalization, an Arab Point of View (Arabic) (German)
by Mohamed Fayek

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