Fund for Freedom of Thought


Prizes will in the future be awarded in the following fields:

Historical Studies
Literay Studies and Criticism
Political Sciences
Social Sciences
Fine Arts

In 1999, the Ibn-Rushd-Fund will award its first prize in the field of   journalism. The administators of the Fund hope to award further prizes in the next years.
The prize will amount to US $ 4000,-.
Should you know of a journalist you think worthy of the Ibn-Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought,
you can suggest him / her to the jury until August 15, 1999.
The suggestion needs to include detailed reasons as to why you think the writer worthy of the prize.
The application has to be sent in by a third party. It may not be sent in by the journalist him-/herself.
Furthermore, the application needs to be accompanied by the three most important examples of the journalist's work.
The complete application can be mailed either to jury@ibn-rushd.org or to

Ibn Rushd e.V.
P.O. Box 1216
59931 Olsberg
The prize will be awarded in Germany, on December 10, 1999.

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