Fund for Freedom of Thought


Founding Members

The short biographies of the founding members illustrate the range of their connections to the Arab World.
They currently live in different parts of Germany (Munich, Berlin, Bonn, Bamberg, Paderborn and Brilon). On Sunday, November 29, 1998, the initiating members met in Olsberg/Germany to establish the "IBN RUSHD Fund for Freedom of Thought".

Nabil Bushnaq, Gynaecologist, born in Ramla/Palestine, 1940, studied and specialized in medicine in Germany. Work in the field of medicine, 4 years in Kuwait, 18 years in Nablus/Palestine. Activity in the field of social work (founding blood bank, an-Nagah Friends Society and Family Club of Nablus); always worked for the modernization of Arab society.

Dr. M. Ali Hachicho, born 1931, son of a Lebanese father and Palestinian mother. Studies: English language and literature at the AUB (American University of Beirut, Lebanon) and in Baghdad/Iraq, Islamic Studies and PhD in Bonn/Germany. Taught in Iraq and Lebanon. Professor in Tübingen and Bonn. Worked as film synchronization director in Cologne.

Muftah Sherif, born 1936 in Benhazi/Libya. Contributed since his youth to intellectual and trade union activities. Published widely on history and literary criticism. 40 years activity in the diplomatic field. Now retired and concentrating on historical and cultural research.

Dr. Joseph Aoun, born in Lebanon. Worked as French teacher. Studied medicine in Germany. Specialization in psychotheray. Worked in Lebanon during the civil war. Currently works as a doctor in Germany. Freelance correspondent to several Arabic newspapers and magazines.

Dr. Ibrahim K. Lada'a, ear, nose and throat specialist, born 1942 in Jaffa, Palestine, emigrated to Jerusalem/Ramalla in 1948, studied and specialized in medicine in Germany. Worked in the hospitals of Ramalla/Jerusalem, Palestine 1979-1996. Since 1997 Head Physician at a German hospital.

Dr. Khairi Qattawi, born in Tulkarm/Palestine, studied and specialized in medicine as ear, nose and throat specialist in Germany. Worked in Jerash/Jordan 1972, later on in Germany; further specialization as a psychiatrist. Dr. Qattawi's motto is: If the individual is sane, society will be sane too.

Abier Bushnaq, born in Kuwait in 1966. Grew up in Nablus/Palestine. Studied English, Islamic and Arab Studies at the University of Bamberg, Reading/England, and Bonn/Germany. Currently working on her doctoral thesis in Bamberg. In addition to her academic activity she works as a sculptor.

Cora Josting, born in 1968 in Westphalia/Germany. Studied American and German literature in Berlin with several periods of residency in the USA and Canada. Worked for magazines and publishing houses as well as in the field of international fairs and exhibitions.

Hikmat Bushnaq, born 1970, grew up in Nablus/Palestine. Studied Biotechnology in Berlin. Worked as Computer Teacher. Project Director in a research company.
There are great differences among the founding members regarding their origin, profession, interests or fields of activity. But there is one thing that unites all these members: it is their willingness to work for the acceleration of progress and the raising of cultural standards in the Arab World. All those who share the Fund's basic convictions are invited to join the Fund and to contribute to its goals.