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Wednesday 07. of July 2010 حوار مع الدكتور نبيل بشناق بمناسبة وفاة د. نصر حامد أبو زيد

حوار أجراه التلفزيون الألماني الدويتشه فيله مع د. نبيل بشناق حول أهمية أبو زيد الفكرية

Monday 05. of July 2010 Condolence

The Ibn Rushd Fund mourns the death of the Arab thinker Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid

Tuesday 04. of May 2010 Condolence

The Ibn Rushd Fund mourns for Mohammed Abed al-Jabri

Sunday 25. of April 2010 ibn-rushd.org goes online with new backend

ibn-rushd.org is now powered by TYPO3. This will help us to provide better support to this website. We have a lot of plans for this web site that now will be achievable.

Sunday 18. of April 2010 Ibn Rushd Award 2010: Call for Nomination

The Ibn Rushd Award 2010 calls for:a webblogger, a person (natural or juristic, a real person or an entity/group), who distributes his or her own content or provides an internet-platform for the purpose of freedom of thought...

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