Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought

In Memory of Sadiq Jalal Al-Azm - February 10, 2017

The Ibn Rushd Fund and the Sadik Al-Azm Foundation for Culture and Education had the pleasure to host a memorial event for Prof. Sadik Jalal Al-Azm, who passed away on December 11th, 2016 after a short but grave illness.

Numerous contributors took part in the event to celebrate Freedom of Thought with us, and the great Syrian philosopher as its outstanding representative. Ever since the foundation of the Ibn Rushd Fund, Prof. Sadik Jalal Al-Azm supported the Ibn Rushd Fund with advice, gave lectures, and in 2012 accepted the Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought on behalf of the Syrian activist Razan Zaitouneh. With this memorial event we wanted to remember the great thinker and the wonderful human being, whose magnanimity was in no way second to his intellectual merits.

We remembered Prof. Sadik Jalal Al-Azm amongst others with Eman Chaker Al-Azm (Syria), Prof. Werner Ende (Germany), Dr. Ivan Al-Azm (Syria), Dr. Carsten Wieland (Germany) and Prof. Khaled Hroub (Palestine) amongst the speakers, and musical contributions by Nasir Chamma (Oud, Irak), Catherine Le Corre (France) accompanied by Ziad Hakim (Syria) at the grand piano, the women's choir Hanin (Syria).

On February 10th, 2017 in Berlin in the Festsaal of Berlin's main city hall Rotes Rathaus.

With support amongst others from the Prince Claus Fund and the The friends and supporters of the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Musical Welcome:

Elegy (for Sadiq and Eman) Piano and Duduk Ziad Hakim & Özgür Ersoy

Welcome & Introduction:

Cora Josting (Ibn Rushd Fund) & Eman Chaker Al-Azm (Sadik J. Al-Azm Foundation for Culture & Education)


Fariba Derakshani (Prince Claus Fund)

Sadiq Al-Azm - inspiring the Future beyond his own

Sumaya Al-Azm

Musical Interlude: Adieu mon Coeur and Je ne regrette rien (Edith Piaf)

Catherine LeCorre & Ziad Hakim

Recollections Along my Father's Journey (E)

Prof. Ivan Al-Azm

Sadiq's work & its significance in Europe (D)

Prof. Werner Ende

Sadiq and the Ibn Rushd Fund (Arabic)

Nabil Bushnaq (Founder of Ibn Rushd Fund)

Pictures from the Al-Azm Memorial in Berlin. Ⓒ Ibn Rushd Fund & Constanze Josting


Pictures from the Al-Azm Memorial in Berlin. Ⓒ Manfred Wolf