IBN RUSHD FORUM for Freedom of Thought
Minbar Ibn Rushd li-l-Fikr al-Hurr

                                           2nd. issue, summer 2001


Foreword  (Arabic/German
by Dr. Abier Bushnaq 


1. Human Rights in the Age of Globalization: An Arab Point of View (Arabic/German
by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fayek 

2. Globalization and the Lack of a Common Arab Policy (Arabic
by Muhannad Ibrahim Abu Latifa 

3. Globalization and the Fears of the Arab World (Arabic)
by Prof. Dr. Kadhim A. Habib 

4. al-Multaqa ath-Thaqafi al-Arabi in Berlin Presents Itself (Arabic
by Sa'id Alameddine 

5. The Black Englishman on the Nile: With Tajjib Salich's "Season of Migration to the North" a Classic Work of Postcolonial Literature is Re-Discovered (Arabic/German
by Dr. Hans-Peter Kunisch 

6. Abd ar-Rahman Munif: A View Through His Work (German
by Bashar Humeid

7. Our Violent Society: A Personal Statement Retold (English
by E. Yaghi 
    The Sons and Daughters of Liberty (English
by Edna Yaghi 

8. The Other One. A Short Story (German/Arabic)
by Dr. Hamid Fadlalla

PUBLICATION RULES (Arabic/German/English

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