Fund for Freedom of Thought

This year's prize of the Ibn Rushd Fund will be awarded for the

Emancipation of Women
and the Struggle for Equal Rights in the Arab World.

The prize ceremony will take place on

December 10, 2000
in the
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
in Berlin / Germany

The board of the Ibn Rushd Fund and its advisory council are convinced that this is one of the most important social issues of the present time. In view of the delicate nature of the subject and the wide difference of opinion on feminists and their actual impact on Arab society, the Fund accepts as many recommendations as possible. These will be passed on to an independent jury of five renowned intellectuals from different parts of the Arab world. These five people are not members of the the fund nor have they been in any way associated with the fund before being elected as jury. The jury consists of three women and two men. The names of the jury will be made public after their decision has been taken.

If you are familiar with the subject of women's emancipation in the Arab world and who has contributed to it, you are invited to contact the Ibn Rushd Fund as soon as possible. Please name the person you think should receive the prize, and give reasons for your suggestion in writing. Also name the most important works / deeds of the person and send the person's curriculum vitae.

This year's prize amounts to 5000 German Marks.

Last day of submission is June 30, 2000.

You will find details on the presentation of the first Ibn Rushd Prize on these pages. It was awarded for Freedom of Speech in Arab mass media and was given to the TV Satellite Channel al-Jazeera on December 10,1999 in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.